Eyes of love take courage Crash the stash

Looking at the world, relationships and life through eyes of love takes courage. But it’s so much better than bitterness and anger.

While there is a time and place for passions to rise and even some anger, we can’t hold on to it… because we’re the only ones that are held captive by it.

Let it go.. and see things through the eyes of love, and it will change how you respond.

This is a practice and daily reminder to me. Though it’s not easy and I fail at this time and time again… it is what I strive for.

These pages didn’t come together as easily and I had wanted and there were lots of technical difficulties…. but it all worked out.

Enjoy your Crash the Stash video

Supplies Used: Strathmore mixed media journal, Liquitex Matte Medium, Deco art Fluid Acrylics ( Titan buff, yellow oxide, burnt umber, Cobalt Turquoise hue, Carbon black) Ranger Archival stamp pad, letter stamps, white paint marker, charcoal pencil,

Have a great week!

Be Inspired, Create and know that you are loved!

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