An angel to help you take care of yourself, Sunday Inspiration

This original is available HERE the print in 3 sizes available HERE

This piece has been on my heart for a long time…. It has been rolling around in my soul along with this beautiful essay by Susannah Conway

To be able to have kind of impact in this world, on a micro or macro scale, we must first heal our own hurts, learn how to take impeccable care of our selves and live life as consciously as possible.  We need a working vocabulary for our wants and needs, our feelings and fears, our shadows and our light. We need to be able to treat our selves with kindness and compassion so we know how to extend that to another. And as corny as it sounds, if we can be our own best friend… owning our flaws and faults as well as our strengths and brilliance… we stand a better chance of not polluting the world (or anyone in it) with our messes.

It’s not about being perfect, though… nobody is perfect no matter how much they try to be on social media, but more whole heartedly taking responsibility for our selves and keeping our side of the street clean. So much of our strife comes from our interactions with each other.. our romantic relationships, our families and friends, our co workers, our fellow humans. How annoying that we can’t control the thought and actions of other people! But how wonderful that we do have control over our own thoughts and actions.  Learning to not take anything personally is possibly one of the greatest lessons we can practice. When we’re able to take care of ourselves.. managing our needs and expectations, tending to our wounds and filling our own cup, we show up in the world as truly self sufficient human beings… that’s the goal anyway! ~ Susannah Conway

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Supplies Used: 12×12 mdf board, Medium and fluid acrylics (Titanium white, Titan buff, medium grey hue, paynes grey, prussion blue hue, cobalt turquoise hue, desert breeze, raw sienna, carbon black)      Stabilo marks All Pencil watersoluable pencil, black soft pastel, Palete knives, (small, medium and larger flat)

Vintage papers from collage paks – vintage script page, symphany sheet and music sheet

Stencils Used: Love never gives up, wing and a prayer

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Silent night, a contemplative journal page for crash the stash

I love the dark intense look of this journal page. It really gives me the feeling of a silent night and the interference paint makes it glow.

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Supplies Used:

Papers from the stash, Deco Art media fluid acrylics (prussion blue hue, paynes grey, titanium white, metallic silver, dark grey value 3, )  deco art media interference in gold,   Studio 71 medium body Titatium Wht  , Deco art craft twinkles in champagne and silver, white gel pen, black gel pen, Stabilo marks All Pencil

Stencils used: Snowflakes, Trees, night sky, background words, vintage quatrefoil, Tis the season

Have a great day and have fun creating!

Wintery, snowy, mixed media piece with creative team member Mary Szymanski

This project is an homage to winter. Swirly, glittery and snowy!  I love using metallic embossing powder and it worked perfectly with the Snowflake stamps. The stencils lent themselves well to creating this wintery scene. 

Enjoy the video

Supply List:
Gessoed Art Board
Fab Scraps “Blue Bird”
SP stencil Background Words
Baby Wipes
White Cardstock
Versamark Ink
Recollections Embossing Powder Silver 
SP Trees stencil 
Kraft paper with text
Mini letter stamps
Stencils used: Trees and Background words

You can see more from Mary Here: there’s a group and a page- I’m more active in the group.

Be inspired, create and know that you are loved!

Hope abstract heart Sunday Inspiration

This original is available HERE


I read this week about how when we offer up hope, that we’ll also receive hope as well. When we connect with others and share our stories, we let other know that they are not alone and that we understand. = HOPE.

Even when we are feeling hopeless or down when we connect and share…. we are helping ourselves. There is an attitude shift when connection happens with others and guess what?… Hope happens

When I thought about hope… I wanted to create something that was bright and happy and I think I achieved it.

Enjoy your Sunday Inspiration video


Supplies Used: Deco Art Premium paint, Deco Art Premium extender, Deco Art Premium matte medium, Palette knives, Sennelier Oil Pastels, ledgers collage pak, vintage birds collage pak, 12×12 mdf board

Stencil Used: Flower drawing

New – Vintage bird collage pak:

Be inspired, create and know that you are loved!