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Money, Money, Money
Posted Jul 16, 2013



It’s interesting the gamut of opinions around the subject of money, and I can watch a usually jovial person go to super serious in a second when the topic of money comes up.  It’s ultra personal and women and men see it differently.  So when I started to take a look at the subject of money in my life, these are the things that are true for me;

  1. I’ve made a lot ( a lot for me).
  2. I’ve made a little.
  3. My kids didn’t care how much money I made.
  4. I’m looking for a specific feeling when it comes to money.
  5. I like to give it.
  6. I prefer doing what I love to make money, than a job that I don’t like.
  7. I should manage it better.
  8. I struggle with feeling worthy to making a living that is abundant.

To be honest I have had more years struggling to make it than, years of abundance.  Now that the kids are grown my fears have calmed down a bit, but I tell ya raising 3 kids on your own… can be, well, daunting.  The one thing that I would always tell my boys when they needed something, is we would figure out how to make it happen,  and I was pretty creative!


There is one underlying feeling that I go back to when I think about money and that is freedom.  Freedom from debt, freedom to vacation, freedom to choose what job I want to take, freedom from debt, freedom from control, freedom to help others. So when I make decisions about money, most of the time it comes from that place.. of wanting freedom.  When I’m working 3 or 4 jobs to pay for a vacation or even just to put food on the table… I always have a choice to do so or not.  When it comes to money we each have a choice to choose why and what we’re working for.  We have the freedom to choose what we invest our time in.  There were times that I chose not to work long hours because the kids needed me more and then there were times that I worked extra to get us a head because I felt the kids were ok.  I would tighten the budget, and we would always make it work.  I never felt bitter about having to shop at goodwill and eating mac and cheese a lot because my thinking was I had the freedom to choose to make more time for the kids, like wise with working long hours, my thinking was that I was freeing my self from debt and putting money away for a vacation, art project, or a home of my own, and to me it all  = Freedom.


I believe that we all need to find our emotions around money, is it fear? Or is it unworthiness, control, freedom, joy, happiness?  Once we find out what some of our biggest emotions about money are, we can see how it affects our decisions in our lives.  I then believe that we should find those that have good concepts and emotions about money, talk with them, read their books, or take their classes and take what works for you and your life and be willing to do the work to improve your thoughts and make your financial goals happen.

Each of us are so uniquely different and so are our financial goals, and they will change as we change. It could be that you just want to provide for your family or it could be that you want to make 6 figures and a Mansion,  as long as we understand that we have the freedom to choose what our focus will be, we can be thankful for the process.

Get clear about where you want to be financially, and write it out.  Set manageable goals but also write out the grand daddy of all dreams. Check your emotions about the goals that you have set and make sure there congruent with who you are… and then go for it! Always remembering that you have the freedom to choose your course! 

Big smile = Shawn

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Posted Jul 16, 2013
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