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Sunday Inspiration a message to my soul
Posted Jun 21, 2015

This weeks Sunday Inspiration was definitely for me! and you of course, but I needed the words… the message to my soul.

Play day had me doodling, playing with backgrounds and some art journaling. You can see it HERE.


Artist Gang Tuesday was so great…. I want to make it! See it HERE


Oh yes! this is happening….. Believe it or not the Party has arrived! It wasn’t with out a lot of program crashes and technical difficulties…. but we made it and I am so excited to share this series with you. I have new class rooms that have all the videos. each are broken down into 3 sections except Ridgid Wrap. Supply lists…links to products, inspiration and lots of instruction. When you purchase you will be emailed the links and codes for each workshop and then you can go to your online class room, take your time, play and learn!

You can go HERE to get all the info  for the texture party or click the link on the side bar or above


I have for most of my life struggled with anxiety… with anxiety attacks. But through (lots) of therapy… I have learned the cause… learned how to deal with and talk myself through. I know how to recognize when it’s happening and work to breathe and do alot of self talk to bring me back to a good place. As life gets busier and my business is growing with such greatness I have worked longer and longer hours to take care of things. Work is good. business is good…. it’s all good! However, when I am so busy, I forget to pay attention to myself, my soul, my personal care…. and this last week I had a GIANT panic attack…. anxiety attack to the max. I haven’t been this out of sorts in a long time…. I did my exercises, my breathing, but I was way in it before I realized it was happening. At this point it’s about focus, breathing and just concentrating on everything is going to be ok….. I say it over and over….. I was getting on a plane in two hours…. breathe! The crazy thing is, I went over the past week or so and nothing big had happened, I had some changes in my world but nothing bad or stressful. The only thing that had happened was lots and lots of work and deadlines and stuff…. It’s life! just life! It took about a day and I was back to normal……….  I say all this to say…. life sometimes is crazy, and hard, and good, and a blurr…. and we all have our triggers that tell us to slow down…. or take a walk, or go to the gym or whatever it might be for you…. and breathe…. just breathe. Listen to your soul when it’s calling. Take care of yourself.

Take some time this week to breathe, put down the list and have fun… create or walk.

It is ok to take care of our bodies AND our souls. And it’s ok to talk to a professional if life feels too overwhelming…. it’s really, really ok!

And if you can’t tell yourself that everything is going to be ok… then let me be that voice for you…… Everything is going to be ok! Everything is going to be ok! Breathe and know that you are loved. 



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Posted Jun 21, 2015
Headshot photo of artist

Hello there! I’m Shawn Petite

I’ve been teaching and creating for well over 25 years. About 15 years ago I found my art soul mate in mixed media, and it changed my life! I love the story that can be told by combining paint, texture, ink, paper and—really anything that you can imagine.

But what I’m truly passionate about is being your guide, walking with you step by step and helping you become your own hero in your creative journey.

Along my path, I’ve learned that the creating art also creates a healing space. Life can be messy and complicated and painful, but something about a paint brush can help heal your soul. I believe—no, I know—you are worthy of love, and I want to teach you to know that about yourself. Join me on this journey of art and inspiration!


  1. Bobbye Moncrief

    Loved the journal page this morning! Loved the message also. My 17 year old daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder. She too is being to learn her triggers and it doing so much better with it. Can’t wait to show her this wonderful video. Thanks for sharing. You are such an amazing inspiration for us!

    • Shawn

      Bobbye, Thank you! we are all so much more alike than we are different. our fears, struggles and learning to navigate life is so so real. so glad I can inspire and encourage! Give your daughter a hug for me! You are loved!

  2. CarolS

    Love your creation-on-the-go! Glad you stuck with it and made those cheap supplies work for you! It ended up beautiful!

    I also suffer from anxiety attacks, for far too long now, and depression for longer than I care to remember! I can’t say that I can breathe my way out of all of them but I know when most attacks are on the rise and I do my best to push myself around it.

    Thank you for all your inspiring work and words that you share with all of us!

    • Shawn

      Carol, Thanks!… it ended up ok….. I am so thankful that I can share and be vulberable, we all have our story. I am glad that you have been able to recognize the triggers. I spent alot of time in counseling to work through and identify mine. Have a great day. You are loved!

  3. Barbara Lemme

    I loved your message and your journal page. I will share your message with a friend who is having anxiety attacks. I hope that is fine. As for your journal page, I have been struggling with a piece knowing it needed something but what. Watching you work has inspired me with a couple of things that I hope will make my piece work. Thanks so much. Breathe!

    • Shawn

      Please share! That’s why I do what I do. I’m so glad I can inspire you to move forward on your project. I would love to see it once your done! Breathing! Hugs and love!


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