Rest for the soul, collage pak and stencil


If we don’t rest…. our bodies will take the rest without our permission. I am a bit of a work a holic, I’m not proud of this and am continually working on pausing to enjoy the little things, but with projects and shows… I just kept pushing this week until …. my body said no more ….. and the flu sent me to bed…. I would get up after a nap and think, I can get back to work… and after a few minutes…. nope… the body said get back in bed!
I know I’m not the only one super busy…. it’s the world we live in…  Please take care of yourself and your soul!……

Enjoy your Sunday Inspiration Video

American Acrylic paint in Citron green and Sea Breeze, Gesso, Matte Medium, Quinacridone Magenta, Black, Charcoal pencil, black pastel stick, Stencils (Numbers, Backgrounds 1, Backgrounds 2, Let it fly 2)  Collage pak 

sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-1 sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-3 sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-4 sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-5


This original is available HERE

******Collage pak for this piece******

collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-1-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-2-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-3-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-4-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-5-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-6-26-16-6-web

New Stencil Used




I show you how to make this on the Deco Art Mixed Media blog using Deco Art Media line and Andy Skinnner stencil and industrial elements check out the video HERE.


It’s time for summer markets…. and if your in western ohio, I will be at the westside flea for the season. The date are: June 25th, July 23rd, August 20th and September 24 and then Holiday shopping in November (indoors). I would love to see you!



Be Inspired, Create and know that you are loved!


3 thoughts on “Rest for the soul, collage pak and stencil

  1. Hi again Shawn, I was in the midst of correcting a previous comment. I used the word “excludes” love, creativity etc. Before I finished some other site intruded and took me completely off your site. WOW! disconcerting to say the least! I

  2. My goodness it happened again. I hope I get this one out before interference, I will give up if it happens again. Just know I love you and am NOT being rude. A few weeks ago I wrote about my young adult son’s unexpected death and my battling an agressive lymphoma. Thank you dear one for your sweet reply which I had not expected. You are not only gifted but you actually live the love in your art.That reply meant so much to a
    “crest fallen” mom. I am not giving up and would like to bury myself in little projects to honor the people I care about. (a bit of a legacy).I am not in an area I can attend a workshop, but if you could suggest how a beginner could learn a bit of your vast talent to accomplish simple yet meaningful projects to leave behind I would be so grateful.I know how busy you must be, I will understand completely if this is impossible. I too did lots of benefit shows all over as a designer. It can get quite crazy but it is so exciting if you have the adrenelin and energy flowing.
    I leave you with so much love and admiration!

    • Sandie, not sure why or how you are getting interupted… sorry about that! I have several videos in my shop… one for beginners. I would like to send it to you for free…. (if you want) to help in your healing and legacy building. Send me an email and I can get it to you. Hugs and love!

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