New Beginnings can be everyday Sunday Inspiration

The start of a new year is always a time of new beginnings, resolutions are made, goals are set and that’s all good!

But really believe that new beginnings happen everyday. There are times in our lives, when we wake up every morning and there is pain and hurt and emptiness and it takes all our courage to just get out of bed. Each day when we’re in this phase of life is a new beginning.

There are also new beginnings when change happens or when the light comes on in our hearts and our heads and we know that we can’t stay the same. New beginnings are everywhere!

Where ever you are in your journey… embrace the new beginning…. it can be hard, joyous, scary, a process and constant growth.  Nurture your emotions and take care of yourself and then step into the unknown… you can do it!

Enjoy the video!

Supplies Used:

8×10 mdf board, fluid acrylic (quinacridone magents, cobalt teal hue, yellow ochre, raw umber, titanium white), vintage and scrap paper, black and white gel pen, marabu art crayons, charcoal pencil, black soft pastel,

Stencils: Vintage script, let it fly 2, background 2

The vintage floral background paper is available in the resource library

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My style has always been a little messy and grungy, so when I wanted to create florals, I knew that I had to do something different. Something with lots of layers, and paper, drips, finger marks, stencils work and oh so much more.  

I knew I wanted to create from my minds eye not as a realistic floral composition, which again adds to that grungy feeling.  

Throw in some palette knife work and “voila!”  

You’ve got a Grungy Florals Workshop!

In this workshop you will create 4 separate grungy florals.

  • We will use additive and reductive techniques along with palette knife and brush work.  
  • Learning how layers and layers and then more layers create a truly fascinating work of art.  
  • We cover light and shadow, using blending, glazing medium and charcoal.  
  • I will also guide you through making the most delicious background that you will use in SO MANY PROJECTS!  
  • Moving on to middle ground and focal point, creating effortless flowers with depth and dimension  
  • Pulling it all together with finishing touches that make your piece come to life.

I hope to see you in the classroom!

Be inspired, create and know that you are loved!



2 thoughts on “New Beginnings can be everyday Sunday Inspiration

  1. Hi dear Shawn, your piece today, ‘New Beginnings’ has touched me deeply. The gorgeous dragonfly and then your inspirational words from your heart. I want you to know that you help me on many many occasions and I thank you.
    Bless you dear lady. Rest and take care, hoping that nasty cough & cold will be gone soon for you.

    Love & hugs
    Clari 😊💛

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