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Whimsical floral mixed media fun! Sunday inspiration 10-18-20
Posted Oct 18, 2020

This week as I was journaling and writing out my thoughts and feelings about, well, all the things… I wrote out my gratitude list… which is a daily ritual for me.

My journal time is half journaling and half praying as I write and I wrote out, Lord, help me find the good…. to look for the good in every situation. Which by the way, at the time felt like a task too big.

But I hung onto those words,… look for the good… and I looked up any quotes or poems that might have those words in them and I came across a Jason Mraz song that made me smile ear to ear.

It’s a fun song, and the words are perfect:

(Chrous) Look for the good in everything, Look for the people who will set your soul free.

It always seems impossible until it’s done, Look for the good in everyone

Verse 1) People done gone crazy, people done gone mad, People done forgot the superpowers we all have.

We were born to love, not hate, we can decide our fate

And look for the good in everyone and celebrate all our mistakes


Verse 2) Everyone needs sunshine, everyone needs rain, Everyone is carrying around some kind of pain.

I see who you are, you’re just like me, I see you’re searching for a purpose, guided by a dream.

I see who you are, I’m just like you, I get lost sometimes and I forget what I came here to do.

I keep on trying, keep trying, When it gets frightening.


Verse 3) Everyone is nature, everyone has God, Everyone is love and light and vibration, look for the good, look for the heroes in your neighborhood, life sure would be sweeter if everybody would.

So I went looking for the good… and found it in many places … I also found it in my art this week. I created from a happy place… creating something that would make me feel good and maybe you too!

Enjoy the video

The original is available HERE and the prints available HERE

Supplies used:

12×12 mdf board, collage papers, Nova color matte gel, Nova color paints (fluorescent magenta, quin magenta, flesh, phthalo blue deep, quin purple), Lukas acrylic (rose, indigo blue, teal, permanent orange, fern, yellow ochre), Deco art Americana (blue mist, thicket, teal mint, macha green, sugared peach, light sage), Liquitex acrylic ink in transparent raw umber, Stabilo wood pencils, Soho soft pastels, Generals charcoal pencil.

Stencils used: carved numbers, journal writing, mums, flower silhouette 6, carved circle, stars and hearts, pattern 1, Moroccan tile 2 8×10, carved lines – THESE WILL ALL BE ON SALE THIS WEEK

collage paks used: butterfly notebook downloadable versionprinted version and American birds downloadable versionprinted version

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Posted Oct 18, 2020
Headshot photo of artist

Hello there! I’m Shawn Petite

I’ve been teaching and creating for well over 25 years. About 15 years ago I found my art soul mate in mixed media, and it changed my life! I love the story that can be told by combining paint, texture, ink, paper and—really anything that you can imagine.

But what I’m truly passionate about is being your guide, walking with you step by step and helping you become your own hero in your creative journey.

Along my path, I’ve learned that the creating art also creates a healing space. Life can be messy and complicated and painful, but something about a paint brush can help heal your soul. I believe—no, I know—you are worthy of love, and I want to teach you to know that about yourself. Join me on this journey of art and inspiration!


  1. Cathy

    Shawn, I wanted to let you know. I really enjoy reading your emails. Keep up the inspiring work. I see the Good in you.

    • shawn

      Cathy thanks so much! It’s always a blessing to encourage and uplift! Hugs!

  2. Meg Perry

    Exactly what this world needs right now, thank you for always sharing and doing the work to bring to light the words and feelings to express what is happening.

    • shawn

      Thanks so much! and thanks for sharing the journey with me!

  3. Nancy A Olsen

    This is magical to me ! So inspiring I can’t wait to get playing ! Thank you , thank you !!

    • shawn

      Thank you so much! Yes! play! Thanks for watching!

  4. Paula

    I believe this is one of my all time favs that you have done. I always love your work and the talks at the end are so inspiring . Thank you Shawn.❤️🌹🌼🌻


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