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Finding inspiration part 3 Lake inspired mixed media
Posted May 16, 2021

Finding inspiration by doing something different


Today continued my search for finding inspiration, this is actually part 3, I’ve taken you along my journey for the last 3 weeks, when I was feeling burnt out and no creativity.

But this week I “Did something different”

That’s one of my go-to things to do, when feeling stuck, and not just with art but with anything. Is to get out of my head, change things up, think about something else.

So I took a drive to the lake… Lake Erie is about 25 minutes from my house and it feels like the ocean. Especially on the day that I went, it was windy and blustery and the waves were crashing hard against the sand.

It was just what I needed, I don’t know if it was the sting of the cold wind on my face or the icy water splashes at my feet but it felt so good!

I felt like a weight had lifted, I could see what I would create and ideas started to flow. I took pictures and just sat in the cold, said a prayer of gratitude and hurried home to paint out my experience.

This is why I share this week how important to ourselves and our creativity that doing something different.

I’ll share more about it in the video. Have fun watching



Click the links if you missed the Part 1 and Part 2 of how I find my inspiration.

This original is available HERE and the print is available HERE

Supplies used:

11×14 mdf board, Liquitex fluid matte medium, collage elements, Liquitex spray paint in carbon black, Utrecht gesso, Decoart Americana acrylic (fawn, morning mist, sand gray, blush pink), Liquitex soft body acrylic (muted turquoise, muted gray, transparent raw umber), Arteza cold gray, Lukas cryl acrylic beige, tissue paper, photos of my journey

Stencils used:

Journal writing mask, abstract play mask, numbers jumbled


Collage paks used:

Handwriting background: 1 Printed or Download

Autograph book: Printed or Download

Check stubs: Printed or Download


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Posted May 16, 2021
Headshot photo of artist

Hello there! I’m Shawn Petite

I’ve been teaching and creating for well over 25 years. About 15 years ago I found my art soul mate in mixed media, and it changed my life! I love the story that can be told by combining paint, texture, ink, paper and—really anything that you can imagine.

But what I’m truly passionate about is being your guide, walking with you step by step and helping you become your own hero in your creative journey.

Along my path, I’ve learned that the creating art also creates a healing space. Life can be messy and complicated and painful, but something about a paint brush can help heal your soul. I believe—no, I know—you are worthy of love, and I want to teach you to know that about yourself. Join me on this journey of art and inspiration!


  1. Sarah Moeda

    Hi Shawn,

    I loved watching your video and the process of your fabulous art work. I do have a question: do you varnish the work? If so, with what?


    • Shawn

      Thank you Sarah! I do varnish, I will spray with a fixative or clear coat (Krylon) first if I’ve used any water soluble products (charcoal or soft pastels etc.) and then I use Liquitex satin or matte varnish. I’ve used it for years and it works beautifully.
      Hope this helps, have a wonderful rest of your day and thanks for being here!

  2. Debbie F

    Hi Shawn, I’m relatively new to watching your videos. I absolutely love this piece. It’s beautiful! And I went on an internal journey watching you create it. Recently I wanted to try a technique you demonstrated (creating texture on a canvas with texture paste). I started in one direction with an idea, but it didn’t work out. In the end the piece ended up being something totally different than I planned when I sat down to create. From the experience I was reminded that sometimes I take the piece in a direction; and sometimes the piece takes me for a ride! It’s a dance of knowing when to step in and direct and when to let the piece take me. A metaphor for life!! I want to thank you for your videos and encouragement and the techniques you share. This is a new form of creative expression for me so I often feel way out of my comfort zone and I’m beginning to understand that I can just keep going. When I wanted to give up on the piece and throw it away, things you said and demonstrated came to mind. I used gesso to “erase” what I had going on and start again while letting some of the previous incarnation peek through. It was a fun process and I honestly don’t remember feeling so excited about creating! Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say: Thank you!

    • Shawn

      Hi Debbie,
      Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing some of your story! I so glad that I can inspire and encourage you on your creative journey. Thanks for being here. Now go have fun creating!!

  3. Fiona Whitehead

    This is just stunning as usual Shawn. Since lockdown here in the UK I’ve been desperate to get to a beach and hear the waves. Now that we are slowly coming out of it I’m hoping I can get there soon. Thank you so much for another inspirational piece.

    • Shawn

      Fiona, Thank you and I know that this last year and a half has been hard for everyone. I hope you are able to get to the water soon. It’s always so good for the soul. Thanks for always sharing such kind words. I hope your day is filled with joy! Hugs!

  4. Nancy A Olsen

    You did it again ! Such a beautiful piece , I just love it 🙂 I’m having a hard time finding a tissue paper that melts into whatever project I’m playing with. I noticed you have nice tissue cut in a pile while you were working. I’ve tired it from the dollar store and a few others. Can you tell me where I can purchase them ? Thank you so much for the inspiration !

  5. Susie Risk

    This piece puts a yearning in my heart to see & hear the waves, to smell the water & all the surrounding elements, and to feel the spray of the water upon my body. The colors in this piece are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey!


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