mixed media floral hydrangea by shawn Petite

Finding rest mixed media floral Sunday inspiration 6-6-21

June 6, 2021 | 11 comments

This mixed media floral came out of a time of rest, reflection, and a quote from Morgan Haper Nichols.

I subscribe to her app and every day on my phone I get a wonderful piece of art with a quote and then a deeper dive into the quote.

The quote read “Rebelliously choose rest”  It stuck with me, because, I’m terrible at rest.

It’s something that has been a lifelong struggle for so many reasons (which I’ll share in the video).

But I CHOSE rest this past weekend and found moments of joy, connection, and inspiration for this piece.

I use lots of gesso to get some yummy texture along with some amazing vintage paper. I did a lot of paint mixing to get just the right colors. And then I let the acrylic ink flow.

I hope you enjoy today’s video, have fun watching!

This original is avialable HERE and the prints HERE


mixed media floral hydrangea by shawn Petite
mixed media floral hydrangea by shawn Petite
mixed media floral hydrangea by shawn Petite
mixed media floral hydrangea by shawn Petite
supplies used for mixed media floral hydrangea by shawn Petite
stencils used for mixed media floral hydrangea by shawn Petite

In roads, 8×10, 6×6, Hydrangea Trio stencil, sparkle stencil 6×6, letting go, – Hydrangea trio WILL BE ON SALE THIS WEEK!



These are the collage paks used this week:  Beautiful stuff (printable) (downloadable),  Handwriting with background 1 (printable) (downloadable), Handwriting with background 2 (printable) (downloadable) – THESE WILL BE ON SALE THIS WEEK!


  1. Lori Brady

    Somewhere in my hairy crazy busy life I subscribed to your blog. I receive so many emails in my box I can’t even begin to read them. This morning I was awakened by a dream that frightened me. I can’t explain this, but was scanning through those thousands of emails to clear My head of the dreadful dream when I happened upon YOUR video and the message. It was not only beautiful but Just what I needed. I want to thank you for the reminder that not only do I need rest, but that I AM WORTHY! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Shawn

      Lori, so glad you found my email at just the right time. Thank you and yes YOU are worthy! Hugs!

  2. Libby Greenberg

    Happy Sunday! Love the grid-type pattern of the papers this week and what a wonderful/meaningful message today. Have a good and “restful” week. We all deserve that time to ourselves to get what we need to keep going and be productive.

    ***Is your adjustable apron for sale? Where can I purchase one?

    • Shawn

      Libby, I got my apron from Amazon. I positively love it! all the leather straps come off to wash. Not that I wash it that often…lol

  3. Nancy A Olsen

    Perfect !

  4. Esis van Zonneveld

    Thank you so much Shawn, I love your work, learned lots of you; and I am similar to you and find it really difficult to slow down, always sit on the edge of my chair, sit back and feel I’m mainly running on adrenaline and always am on the go; rest is something I have to force myself to do; so thank you soooo much for this video and the name of Morgan Haper Nichols; I’m sure I can learn from her and yourself!!

    • Shawn

      Thanks Esis, I hope you take some time for yourself. You’ll love Morgan Harper Nichols! Thanks for being here!

  5. Amy

    Beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing! I love using acrylic inks. Can you add the brands and colors you used to the supplies list, please? Thank you!

    • Shawn

      Amy, so sorry I forgot those. The brand I use is Liquitex the colors are titanium white, carbon black, deep violet, muted green. Thanks for being here!

  6. Julie

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work , your inspiration, your story, and your honesty!! It is so hard for women especially to give themselves permission to stop and rest. Men are often much better at this.

    I am so happy that you did a demo using the Hydrangea stencil. I had ordered this stencil from you and now I know how to fully use it with the leaves. You are a beautiful spirit!!

    • Shawn

      I hope you enjoy the stencil! Thanks so much for being here!


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