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Mandala Impression mixed media journal page

August 18, 2021 | 0 comments

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Hello, my dear creatives,
It is with a little sadness in my heart that I am here writing to you my last post. Yes, it is true, our
year together is almost gone, it is unbelievable and I can still feel the excitement when I received
Shawn Petite email to confirm I was on her team. It has been such an amazing experience and I do feel like “ I am loved”. She’s been gentle and caring, always present and this can be hard to believe for people who have such a long distance between them. I couldn’t feel more welcomed and I thank Shawn Petite from the bottom of my heart for this privilege. A special thank to her team and April Smith in particular for her patient, calm, and professionalism in taking care of us.
But you know I express my emotions through colors so as this is not the end yet, let’s take off
those sad eyes and celebrate with me and my “Mandala Impression 2021” this fabulous year
The “Grungy texture pack” I’ve chosen here, came to me as a special message and I couldn’t
be more excited to use all those inspiring nine pages. No surprise I was drawn to orange color for this project as color graphically speaking, orange is the color of emotions, it evokes creativity, enthusiasm, balance and that’s where I want to channel my energy to you. My video will show you the process I went through into the making. It could be done in more steps as the gel plate process is very addictive and believe me, it is going to be real fun, just relax and play. My only advice for best results in stamping is not to add too much paint on gel plate, take your time, listen to your “childish” voice, and gave it a try.
I then built a Mandala using some gel patterned papers I created and use the whole process
as a meditative moment to reflect and treasure all my emotions during this fabulous adventure, from the designing project, the editing, the launch of the videos, the creative team involvement, reading your comments, feeling supported by your likes and thankful messages, all this in every little piece I glue to my mandala. I really hope you could feel the same I do and your response will be into your creations that I‘ll be so glad to see.
If you liked and felt inspired, please follow me to my Instagram account where I daily post my
creative practice and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Hope to see you there, bye for now.
Barbara Vaccari

full image
mandala full image
full image

Supply list:

Shawn Petite Collage Pack: Grungy Texture Printed Version or Instant download
Shawn Petite stencil: Numbers Grande 8 x 10, Retro Pattern 3 8 x 10, Inroads 8 x 10

Other Supplies:

Large journal page (Strathmore 12 x 9.5 inch), Gel plate (Gel press ) Printmaking sheets (Strathmore), white tissue paper, Masking tape, compass or rounded shape to trace a circle (central is 5” inch), scissors, Acrylic paints: lemon yellow (Marabu), White, Titanbuff, Black, Naphthol red light, Naphthol red medium, Orange, Turquoise green, Gold Ochre (Amsterdam), light Pink (Liquitex), Gel medium (Liquitex), flat stiff brush (to glue), old credit card or spatula to avoid paper bubbles, Derwent inktense Sepia color, round medium size brush (to water down pencil color), Posca pen Pastel green, White, Black, Orange PC 1MR

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Be inspired, create, and know that you are loved!


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