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This week I needed a reminder to rest and take care of myself. To stop and find joy in things that would help me heal and get well. I had been working so hard over the Holidays and launching the new workshop that I had run myself ragged. You think I could learn this lesson. So this week I’ve been laying low and finding the joy in just being.

When I pulled these papers they were literally the first ones I came to…and I had no idea what I would do….  These messages always show up when I need them.

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Supplies Used: Canson 9×12 mixed media journal, course modeling paste, fluid acrylics and craft paints, scrap paper from the stash, Stabilo All Pencil – Black, general charcoal pencil, black gel pen.

Stencils used: flower garden and old type text

Joy, Hope, Love A mixed media Triptych by creative team member Nicole Austin

“Joy, Hope, Love,” A Mixed Media Triptych

I was inspired by the beautiful bird images from the Vintage Birds Collage Pak.  I also wanted to work on three canvases to show how quickly you can make a series of art!  For the colors, I was inspired by this beautiful tissue paper I found at a recent Target shopping trip.  And being the tissue paper lover that I am, I HAD to find a way to incorporate this into my art!  It also goes to show you that you don’t need expensive materials to create beautiful works of art!  I also love to have words on my journal pages or other artwork, and the “Words, Words, Words” stencil is my favorite for that.  I thought since it was the New Year, it would be nice to have some encouraging words that I would like to focus on for 2018.  I hope you enjoy the  video tutorial and that you have a year full of love, hope and joy!


List Products Used:

Be Inspired, create and know that you are loved!

The Brightest lights

The Brightest Light
Paula Decker Haynes

I love Christmas and all the fun that comes with it but the most meaningful part to me is it’s true meaning and I like to remind myself of it even in my art. I have several trees in my home for Christmas and this little sentiment is a good reminder to not get too caught up in the lights and fan fair but to look to the brightest light that is not on the tree.

Enjoy the video


Supplies list:
Shawn Petite stencils : splatter, fave words and scribbles
Daler Rowney gesso
Liquitex gel medium
Liquitex molding medium
Golden fluid acrylic paint in teal
Gelato stick in black
Ink Joy gel pen in black
Fiber Castel Black brush pen
Archival black ink pad

You can see more from Paula below

Twitter: Pauladeckerhaynes @PotterclodPaula
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A regular day can be beautiful, collage paks and bright flowers

This piece just came flowing out of me… chasing away the guilt and ushering peace. It’s always amazing to me how creating art can do that for me.  It also helped me focus on the beauty around me.

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This original is available HERE and the Print on wood in 4 sizes available HERE

Supplies Used: Collage elements for collage paks listed below, medium body and fluid acrylic paint. charcoal pencil and marabu art crayon in black.

stencil used: flower garden

New collage paks in the shop-

school booksledger pages, botony flower book, book covers

book covers

ledger pages

botany flower book

School books

As I began this journey of purposeful living, of stepping outside my comfort zone to grow and learn more about myself and the world around me. I made a plan to try something new each week.

Well, this week got away from me, with the business of the business and a friend coming into town… I suddenly realized that I’d not done anything new this week.

What happened next took be by surprise.

I felt such guilt and really kind of beat up on myself. Partially because I’m a list or a rule follower in much of my life,  if I don’t check the boxes I get that anxiety feeling and the other reason is I have this accountability with you now too.

But I had to stop and give myself a talk, just like I would with you or anyone important to me. I had to remind myself that this journey is not about some list that I have made up in my head,

but this is my heart journey and that should be a freeing thing not burdensome. I had to remind myself that there are lessons, growth and beauty in today. Each day is a blessing and to stop, look around, and find the beauty in the day to day, in filling orders, in creating blog posts in… whatever. And I did! my peace always, always comes from creating and every time I create I learn something new.

I pray that you find your beauty today. That you realize what a blessing today is and that creating a beautiful story starts from being grateful for the small things.

I hope you have a great week!

Be inspired, create and know that you are loved.