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My style has always been a little messy and grungy, so when I wanted to create florals, I knew that I had to do something different. Something with lots of layers, and paper, drips, finger marks, stencils work and oh so much more.  

I knew I wanted to create from my minds eye not as a realistic floral composition, which again adds to that grungy feeling.  

Throw in some palette knife work and "voila!"  

You've got a Grungy Florals Workshop!

In this workshop you will create 4 separate grungy florals.

  • We will use additive and reductive techniques along with palette knife and brush work.  
  • Learning how layers and layers and then more layers create a truly fascinating work of art.  
  • We cover light and shadow, using blending, glazing medium and charcoal.  
  • I will also guide you through making the most delicious background that you will use in SO MANY PROJECTS!  
  • Moving on to middle ground and focal point, creating effortless flowers with depth and dimension  
  • Pulling it all together with finishing touches that make your piece come to life.

This workshop in now on demand. It is not live and can be taken at any time.

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Why take a workshop from me?

  • are you longing for a soulful way to create that prompts a beautiful life?
  • yearning to learn new techniques in a thoughtful setting?
  • needing to heal and dust the cobwebs from the soul?
  •  want to be inspired as you learn? 
  • needing a workshop that works with your schedule? 
  • felt fearful, that you're a beginner?
  • I have over 25 years of experience in all forms of media
  • down to earth and exciting... we're gonna have fun and feel inspired and find our passion.
  • I make techniques easy to understand and then create with what you've learned, so that you have practical application.
  • They reach all skill levels.

Take a look below and see what inspires you and then I will see YOU in the classroom!

For the Beginner in Mixed Media

Just Begin

If mixed media is something that you love but have never tried, then this is the course for you.

You'll learn the basics, in plain terms, just as if you were sitting next to me in my studio. 

We'll have fun, laugh and create beautiful things. 

We'll practice and see how the basics are the foundation for creating beautiful mixed media art.

We will cover: 

1. Supplies and Substrates- how to start without spending a fortune

2. Color Theory and Composition, two key elements that make the pieces that you create beautiful, unified and not disjointed.

3. Inspiration, one of the biggest questions for everyone, is where to get it. I show you my ways and how I think, when gathering inspiration for a piece.

4. Crucial elements in mixed media Glazing, collage and gesso.

5. And last but not least Putting it all together. We'll create a piece using everything that we learned. 

There are 8 videos total in the classroom. Manageable sections to watch and practice and then move on to a new section. The classroom has everything you need there.

 Including Inspiration, added tips and downloadable color wheel. You'll receive the code to the classroom with your Welcome and instructions email after you have purchased the workshop. 

As an added bonus you'll receive a downloadable print that I create in the workshop for you to print and frame.

For all skill levels

Beyond The Basics

This is a comprehensive Workshop that covers all areas of Mixed Media. I teach you my go to techniques. 

Each Workshop focuses on a specific aspect of Mixed Media, each video building on the next.

1. One layer foundation

2. Drips, drops and stencils

3. Not just your regular stamps

4. Collage the meat and potatoes of my mixed media

5. The magic of tissue paper

6. Image Transfer

7. Texture and modeling paste

8. Glazing, mark making and a mixed bag of tricks

At the end of each video we'll create a new piece of art using what we've learned. Each video building on the next. 

You'll receive your codes to access the videos and classroom in your welcome email after purchase.

As we journey through this video series, I will share inspiration and how to get new ideas and take you right into my studio, showing you technique after technique, layer after layer, illustrating how I use the tools that I use everyday in my paintings.

Finish It.

These stand alone workshops are start to finish. 

I have found that every time you finish a project your courage and confidence is strengthened. That's why I created these mini workshops. To help you finish a project and be inspired to create more!

I walk you through how to create some of my most popular pieces.

I teach these just like I teach my live workshops.

1. Supplies

2. Practice techniques used for the project.

3. Background composition

4. Foreground composition and putting it together

Each workshop has its own classroom with inspiration, tips and encouragement.

See what others are saying about the workshops they've taken.....

Cherri M. - says........I loved it!!!!!! Thank you for putting this all together.. Its perfect for me.. 

Julie S. - says ......This was so worth the money! Thank you for giving these wonderful instructions but most of all thank you for your time it is a priceless gift. Blessing always. 

Rebecca C. says .... Thank you so much Shawn! I’m looking forward to creating with mixed media as you have shown. You are wonderfully encouraging and inspiring in many ways! :))

Chris M. says .... loving this series! Thank you 

Cindi C. says ... I watch and buy a lot of tutorials. You did an excellent job with this. I’m going out of town next week and plan to purchase the other 3 texture videos to watch while I’m gone. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. I’m a neophyte artist and I’ve learned so much from you. I’m trying to develop my own style, but it really helps when others, like yourself, share. Again….thanks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be at my computer at a certain time? No you will have access to each workshop with your code to work at your own pace, on your own time. 
  • Once I have paid how long do I have access to the videos? You have life time access to watch and re watch each video.  
  • Do I need a high speed internet connection to view the videos? Yes. 
  • What kind of supplies will I need? The supply list will be included with each workshop. 
  • Can I get a refund? No. Because you will have access to all the workshop information I cannot issue a refund. 
  • What if I have question or get stuck? You can email me anytime at
  •  For further terms of service see below

I hope to see you in class ! We're on this journey together and I'd love to see what you create.

New Workshops Coming! Be the first to know when they are released. 

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