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Posted Jun 18, 2013



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in·ten·tion  (n-tnshn)n.1. A course of action that one intends to follow.

2.a. An aim that guides action; an objective.

One of the best books I’ve read was “Write it down make it happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser. I picked it up about 13yrs ago and have returned to it many, many times. I had always been a goal setter and a journaler before it was hip and before there were blogs.  I have 20 or so journals from my life with my prayers, thoughts, what cute things the kids said and daily activities, but it wasn’t until I read Henriette’s book that I changed a few things about how I wrote.  I still wrote my thoughts and feelings, but I also started taking time to write my dreams and intentions. I wanted to get really clear about what I wanted, how I wanted to change, how I wanted to feel on a daily basis, what I wanted my life to look like and I wrote… and wrote … and wrote it all out in the smallest of detailsSomething magical happens when you take what’s rolling around in the ole noggin and put it down on paper, it made it more real. Writing out my intentions was like a suggestion box for my brain! And things began to change, maybe not right away in my circumstances, but inside of me. I felt inspired, encouraged and because I was clear about my intentions, I was able to see opportunities in front of me that I might have overlooked previously.  Our brains are amazing, and if we are asking ourselves the right questions, our brains will naturally try to find the answer.  Some of my darkest days are those years when I didn’t write, I didn’t dream and I didn’t think about the possibilities. I just listed in the water like a ship waiting to sink.  So my challenge for you today is to dream. Think about what you want your life to look like, in every area.


We can only change ourselves, so think about how YOU want to feel, where YOU want to travel to, how YOU want live, love and work and then write … write … write your intentions.  Rewrite it or place it in a place that you can see it regularly, because it will give you the inspiration to act!

Get in a regular routine of asking yourself the right questions; like how can I feel this way or how can I travel there, because like I said, our brains will figure it out. DO NOT ASK why questions, (why am I still here, why can’t I lose the weight, why can’t I travel …) NO! NO! NO!, because our brains will try to figure that out as well, and it’s self defeating.

Revisit your writings often, and mark things off the list as they happen (because they will!) There is no better feeling than realizing that your intentions are coming to life.

I still have a long list of dreams (it’s always changing), and they have morphed over the years, but I feel empowered, strong and courageous for making an effort every day to live an intentional life.

My hope for you is that you too will feel that zing of inspiration when you are actively pursuing every word  that you’ve written and creating the life of your dreams!


I would LOVE to hear about your dreams your intentions! Let me encourage you on your Journey!

Big Smile=Shawn

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Posted Jun 18, 2013
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Hello there! I’m Shawn Petite

I’ve been teaching and creating for well over 25 years. About 15 years ago I found my art soul mate in mixed media, and it changed my life! I love the story that can be told by combining paint, texture, ink, paper and—really anything that you can imagine.

But what I’m truly passionate about is being your guide, walking with you step by step and helping you become your own hero in your creative journey.

Along my path, I’ve learned that the creating art also creates a healing space. Life can be messy and complicated and painful, but something about a paint brush can help heal your soul. I believe—no, I know—you are worthy of love, and I want to teach you to know that about yourself. Join me on this journey of art and inspiration!


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