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Mixed Media Infinity Card and Bonus Wrapping Paper

July 21, 2021 | 0 comments

Finished product with supplies used

One of my creative friends has a birthday coming up.

I try to use/re-use supplies in the studio and I want to be creative when presenting gifts.  I have found that you don’t always have to create the actual gift, but the wrapping and card can be where you express your creativity.

Basic Instructions

For the CardUsing a ruler or other straight edge, cut 4 pieces of cardstock into 3″ x 6″ pieces (it is important that your pieces are as close in size as possible)

Score each piece down the 3″ length at 1 1/2″ and 4 1/2″

Score each piece down the 6″ length at 1 1/2″

Lay two 3″ pieces together with the 6″ sides meeting horizontally and apply a piece of tape that you have made less sticky by pressing it to your clothes or work surface before placing on the cardstock.  There will be a 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ “scored square at each 2 upper and lower corners of the now 6″ x 6´ square you have pieced together.  Apply glue to those four 1 1/2” squares.

Adhere the other two 3″ x 6″ pieces vertically to your horizontal 6″ x 6″ base.

Follow the video to gently open and press each fold at the score marks. 

You can now embellish each of the “four” parts of your infinity card.  It is important to always know which direction any previously embellished cards are so that you do not create anything that could be folded into place upside down.  (Note:  if you are looking at the front of the card and just turn it over to see the back, those 2 pieces are opposite of how they will appear when the card is executed thru the folds.

Be ready to make some mistakes.  I made a couple of test runs with tape before I committed to the glue.

That being said – I walked my 9-year-old granddaughter thru the process and she nailed it!  And she also couldn’t put it down once it was complete and continued to “fiddle/fold” thru it.

For the Wrapping PaperPick any size of opaque paper, honestly, this was paper was the packing inside something I ordered – use an iron on low heat to press out most of the wrinkles.

I love using the large stencils that Shawn has for this process.  Make-up sponges from the dollar store are great for stenciling.  I find that flipping the stencil over (after cleaning) makes for a more random, yet continuous pattern. 

Place the stencil on the flat paper and use a stamp ink pad (you could also use acrylic paint, it just doesn’t dry as quickly) to transfer the image to the paper.  Continue until you have covered the entire piece of paper.

Finished project with supplies used
finished project birthday card
Finished birthday card with supplies
open project birthday card
finished project with butterfly
Finished Celebrate card
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