Love lives within


I love it when an idea that has been on my heart and rolling around in my head comes together and has a beautiful meaning. I have had this idea in my head for a while and wanted to search my heart for the meaning and it all came together this week. I am a believer of taking care of taking your soul.  I hope you love the project and the message. I LOVE how this turned out!!!

Enjoy your Sunday Inspiration video




Supplies used: Matte Medium, 8×18 mdf board, collage pak papers, acrylics, hose handle,  and escutcheon plate from Michaels, Time Holtz distress crayons, charcoal pencil.

You can take a look at all the collage paks HERE

This piece is also available to purchase HERE

Take some time today to make the repairs, clean out the clutter (bad tapes) and do what  you need to do to take care of your soul. Turn the lock to keep out those that don’t nourish you.

Be Inspired, create and Always know that you are loved!


Finding Peace


Boy of boy what a week…. I had the flu, orders…. the admin side of my business needed attending to… getting ready for a show… it was chaos…. and I had no inspiration to create this week. I was wearing too many hats and could not find anything that inspired me. I had to shut out all the noise in my head and in my house and find my peace in my journal page.

Enjoy your Sunday Inspiration video.

Supplies used: Acrylic paint, gesso, 9×12 journal, modeling paste, vintage paper from collage paks, cheese cloth , ink stained papertowel. Stencils: damask duo, round about, garden, old text font

sunday-inspiration-9-18-16-2 sunday-inspiration-9-18-16-3


Stencils used: get stencils HERE

stencil damask cutstencil old type textstencil-rounds-abouts-web

New stencils


This last week in case you missed it. I was up on the Deco Art Mixed Media Blog, sharing how I made this fun little journal page. See it HERE


I was also a guest artist for Find out Fridays on Donna Downey’s blog.

I am truly honored to be in this group of world renown artists. We are given a box of materials, and create with it. Each month are different materials with different artist. I hope you can check it out HERE


Be Inspired, create and know that you are loved!


Beautiful things Sunday Inspiration


I was reading Glennon Doyle Meltons new book this week, Love Warrior and it is a brave, vulnerable story. It resonated with me in so many ways. A memoir of a women’s journey trying to find her worth and beauty in a world that tells us what we should be and look like.  In one particular part of the book she was trying to explain being beautiful to her girls and she said “Beautiful means being full of beauty”, so we have to fill our hearts with beautiful things and that is what beautiful is” Yes! Yes! Yes! Tears just rolled down my checks…  Beauty starts on the inside…. and radiates out…. So let’s allll fill our hearts with beautiful things!

Enjoy your Sunday Inspiration video!

sunday-inspiration-9-11-16-4 sunday-inspiration-9-11-16-3 sunday-inspiration-9-11-16-2


This original is available HERE

Supplies Used: 10×8 Mdf board, collage pak for this video, Liquitex modeling paste,  Wildfower 3 stencil, charcoal pencil, oil pastels, coffee grounds, walnut ink and burnt umber for drips

Collage pak for this piece: get it HERE

collage-pak-9-11-16-wallpaper-vintage-floral-faded-web collage-pak-9-11-16-wallpaper-light-turquoise-grungy-web collage-pak-9-11-16-5-web collage-pak-for-9-11-16-4-web collage-pak-9-11-16-3-web collage-pak-9-11-16-2-web collage-pak-9-11-16-1-web

This is the Stencil I used: Wildflower 3 get it HERE


Have a great Sunday, Be inspired, create and know that you are loved!

labor day sale and Beautiful Scars


Beautiful Scars

This weeks inspiration caught me off guard. I had a plan for something completely different, and then I read it…. the email that I read over and over and cried.

I have been part of Marie Forleo’s community for over ten years. She is a business coach and inspiration to me.

Her email started by quoting Chris Cleave from his book “Little Bee”

I will not share the whole email but I hope that you will read this a few times and let it soak in. THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF!

here goes……

“Please agree with me that a scar is never ugly. That is what the scar makers want us to think. But you and I, we must see all scars as beauty. Okay? Because a scar does not form on the dying. A scar means, I survived!……… Chris Cleave “

Marie goes on to say…..

How many of us believe that our shortcomings and scars – whatever form they might take- make us weak, ugly and unworthy? How many of us feel a sense of shame over our perceived flaws, failings and imperfections?

The truth is, none of us are without scars. None of us are without flaws.

But embracing our scars, is the path to a fully lived life.

Our scars build strength. Our scars cultivate courage. Our scars deepen our compassion and widen our hearts to make space to comfort others.

Whatever your scars may be, know that they don’t diminish you one bit. They don’t make you less. They don’t make you damaged goods.


So let’s make a pact right now, that our scars are never ugly.

Our scars mean we’re alive!! (Marie Forleo)


Enjoy your Sunday Inspiration video.

sunday inspiration 9-3-16 2

sunday inspiration 9-3-16 3

sunday inspiration 9-3-16

Beautiful scars web

This original is available HERE

Supplies Used:  8×8 mdf board, acrylic paints, paper doily, items from collage paks, Walnut ink, my Stencils- background 2 and numbers, Sealer


stencil numbers 1

labor day sale 2016

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Hope your long weekend is great!

Be inspired, create and know that you are loved.



Sometimes things don’t go the way we planned…. Thant’s the story of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In the moment I’m not so thrilled, and I might throw a little tantrum…. but by now I have learned that my best growth happens in these moments. I know that something beautiful is going to happen.

sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-2 sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-3


Collage pak for this piece: Get it here.

collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-2-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-3-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-4-web collage-pak-Sunday-Inspiration-8-28-16-5-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-6-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-7-web collage-pak-sunday-inspiration-8-28-16-web

Stencils used: get them HERE

Damask Duo

stencil damask cut

Wildflower 2

stencil wildflower 4

Be Inspired, Create and know that you are loved!


Something Different, be still and thank you!


I am beyond grateful for this last Birthday week. You are amazing! At one point there were so many in the shop that things just stopped working…. I had a little panic moment and then spent 45 minutes with the tech guys and we got it fixed.. whew! Anyway….. All orders that came in during the Birthday week sales are in the mail! Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!

This weeks Sunday Inspiration was fun and something that I have been wanting to try… I need a little bit more practice and time than and I this week, but I really do love how she turned out and plan on experimenting more.

As I started creating,  I asked myself as I always do, what I need to feel, hear or learn this week. And she came…. a woman that needs to be still for a bit and take care to create a peaceful heart.

I hope you get a chance to be still and recharge and invest in yourself for a bit this weekend.

Enjoy your Sunday Inspiration video!




Be Inspired, Create and Know that you are loved!


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Be inspired, Create and know that you are loved.

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Be inspired, Create and know that you are loved!

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Be Inspired, create and know that you are loved!

I used to hate the word I created with today


I used to hate the word Wander….. and especially the quote by JRR Tolkein … Not all who wander are lost.

I have always been a person to schedule, plan, have a goal, like to check the boxes…. oh how I could go on and on… Some of this is my control issue and some of it is to help with my anxiety.  The act of letting go is a little scary ..ok alot scary to me. Annnd the thought of wandering around with no plan…. makes my tummy hurt.

My husband on the other hand is great at the wander part of life…. he helps me get out of my comfort zone, and experience new things and have a child like sense of wonder. He loves to hike, He  loves the adventure…. and gave me a great explanation for the reason to go hiking.  You see, I didn’t see the point in hiking. I go to the gym to get my workout so why would I want to “wander” around. And my sweety said…. hiking is about, the not knowing what is around the corner, to find new treasures, about being present and enjoying right now, right at this very moment, what is around you…. it is alllllll about the  adventure.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday Inspiration video

wander-web sunday-inspiration-8-7-16-3 sunday-inspiration-8-7-16-2

Supplies Used: Mdf Board, gesso, modeling paste, Acrylic paints in raw umber, paynes grey, titanium white, grey. my stencils: (new) rounds abouts and block font, matte medium, collage pak, letter stamps and black permanent ink pad

4 new stencils available , 2 I used in this piece.

stencil-straight-block-font-web stencil-rounds-abouts-web


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Be Inspired, Create and know that you are loved!