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How can I inspire you today?

Whether you're a collector of art or a creator of art, I want to help you take the fear out of creating.

How you ask? 

  •  providing online workshops that guide and inspire you
  •   giving you tools to create with, like stencils and collage elements 
  • free videos weekly
  •  providing a free subscriber library
  • creating art perfect for gift giving or creating beautiful spaces in your home

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Weekly videos to Inspire your creativity

Creative Souls Cafe is a facebook group where I do live video sharing tips, tricks and inspiration, YOU, can also share your projects and start a discussion. This is a place where we can encourage each other in our creative journey. I hope you come join the group and then let's play!

A few things about me...

I am a full time mixed media artist, and have been teaching, creating and inspiring for over 20 years.

What I know for sure…… 

Creating is a healing space for the soul and Brokeness can be mended with a paint brush.

Life is messy, complicated, exciting, painful, joyful and worthy of a good laugh out loud… 

I want to interact with people and life, from a place of Love NOT fear… 

I can ALWAYS change my course… (even if it’s small steps) 

I am in charge of my life…. my outcome… my success…. I can’t blame anyone else for where I am…. not my past, not relationships…I am the the navigator of this life! 

Anything… I mean anything, worth doing….takes A LOT of effort, sacrifice (the good kind) and hard work…. 

Kindness, love and generosity should be the standard in my life! 

I am perfectly imperfect and graciously loved by the Creator

We are worthy of Love! 

We need to be good to each other!

All art, stencils and designs © Shawn Petite LLC